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Paul, London, - since

When Aaron first approached me over 14 years ago, I did not have a financial advisor, thinking my needs were fairly simple and straightforward and I didn't want to incur high charges for such advice. Since then he has provided me with personal, excellent service, adapted to my needs at a very competitive fee rate.

He is knowledgeable and provides clear advice in an easy to digest manner that gives me confidence. I have no doubt that my finances are in a better position now as a result of his advice. I look forward to continuing our relationship into retirement and beyond.

Paul, Oxfordshire, - since

Aaron reviewed my pensions, investments, long-term goals and appetite for risk, and provided comprehensive advice to me.

The ongoing advice and reviews have been invaluable over the past eight years, providing me with clear advice and guidance across a variety of pension, investment and assurance planning needs.

It has placed me in a much stronger financial position where I now have a clear investment plan, access to an investment portal to provide me with real time updates on my position and a dedicated approach that provides clear and jargon free ongoing support.