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Hi, I’m Aaron O’Gorman. I am a Chartered Financial Planner with more than 25 years’ financial services experience. I started my career at the Bank of England in the City of London before gaining Chartered status – the “gold standard” financial planning accreditation – and specialising in working with executives and those planning for retirement. In that time, I’ve come to realise that outstanding financial planning is about more than just investment growth and financial products; it’s about happy futures and fulfilling lives.

At Meaningful Financial Planning, our focus is on building and managing money with purpose. Because we believe a rich life is one lived with passion.

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We work with families at all stages of life to organise, plan, build and protect their finances. Discover more about how we can help you get the most meaningful life possible from your money on the following pages:

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Aaron is a “gold standard”
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We focus on providing the
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What our clients say.

Although I ran many different companies very profitably I was never as successful with my own finances or indeed with financial advisers. That was until I met Aaron.

I wanted someone easy to talk to, honest and straightforward. Aaron fitted the bill perfectly and has continued to manage my savings and pension for probably 15 years now. Always open about the pros and cons of any decision and not afraid to talk about difficult situations, Aaron has not only been a safe pair of hands but a trusted confidant.

I believe I can give no better endorsement of him than to say that I recently introduced him to my new life partner and she has now transferred all her assets to his care.

Mark, Surrey

I first started working with Aaron at a stage in my life where I had accumulated a bewildering range of occupational pensions, and needed to make sense of my options and to navigate the ever changing regulatory framework of pensions.

Aaron was brilliant at this and brought a structure to my financial planning that has been extraordinarily helpful, for example in clarifying my objectives and risk appetite. If I had to point to the most significant contribution he has made, I would say that it was to get us to see pensions and financial planning in its proper context – of what we wanted from life, not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

He has come to know and to understand both us and our family over the years. Part financial adviser, part life coach really!

Ian, Herts

When I moved companies around a decade ago I wanted some independent advice about consolidating several defined contribution company pension schemes into one place – I was very fortunate to connect with Aaron and have been benefiting from his ongoing advice ever since. Aaron is open, straight-talking, trustworthy and very personable – he makes complex financial planning issues easy to understand and helps me arrive at the right decisions quickly. The SIPP advice he gave me and the ongoing management of it has been first class and the pension funds have performed materially better than they would have, had I left them in the various company schemes. I look forward to continuing support from Aaron through his new venture going forwards and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of sound financial advice.

Brian, Cheshire

I approached Aaron for advice concerning my pensions as it was like a foreign country to me.

He contacted my pension providers, on my behalf and clearly explained all my options and took care of all the paperwork and administration. He is always quick to respond to any of my queries and is very patient with me.

He helped me to look at my future needs and personal goals which in turn helped to shape my investment decisions. Over the years I have developed complete trust and confidence in his advice.

Anne, Hertfordshire

Either through luck or good judgement, or a combination of both, my digital publishing business was acquired by a large corporate and I needed help to organise my financial affairs. A champagne problem that any IFAs would want to help with, but having spoken to many what stood out about Aaron was that he was prepared to listen and as a result we have worked together continually evolving a successful investment portfolio that has stood the test of time.

Alex, London

As a financial director of an international media network, I was originally unclear on why I needed a financial adviser for my pension. The truth is, managing a pension investment portfolio is a very specialised role that even the most accomplished financial people have neither the time, experience or awareness of opportunities and associated legislation to do it well.

I first started working with Aaron back in 2008 and have always found him to be exceedingly responsive on any questions I may have, very proactive in making alterations to my investments as required, very knowledgeable and simply a pleasure to work with. In addition, he is well connected outside his direct area of specialisation and can introduce you to other specialists that may be important to you and will brief you on the important issues to discuss with them.


Steve, Kent

I was recommended to Aaron by a friend as i wanted some advice about my future investments and pension. At my first meeting with
Aaron I knew I was in safe hands. I am not particularly good minded with finances and Aaron’s advice and guidance was just perfect. He explained all the areas I wasn’t so good with. I now feel totally happy knowing my finances are being looked after by Aaron and it alleviates the worry of me having to make decisions I am not confident of. I have no hesitation in recommending Aaron’s services.

Julie, Surrey

Aaron reviewed my pensions, investments, long-term goals and appetite for risk, and provided comprehensive advice to me.

The ongoing advice and reviews have been invaluable over the past eight years, providing me with clear advice and guidance across a variety of pension, investment and assurance planning needs.

It has placed me in a much stronger financial position where I now have a clear investment plan, access to an investment portal to provide me with real time updates on my position and a dedicated approach that provides clear and jargon free ongoing support.

Paul, Oxfordshire

When Aaron first approached me over 14 years ago, I did not have a financial advisor, thinking my needs were fairly simple and straightforward and I didn't want to incur high charges for such advice. Since then he has provided me with personal, excellent service, adapted to my needs at a very competitive fee rate.

He is knowledgeable and provides clear advice in an easy to digest manner that gives me confidence. I have no doubt that my finances are in a better position now as a result of his advice. I look forward to continuing our relationship into retirement and beyond.

Paul, London